When does the market run?

The market runs every Wednesday May 2 - August 22, 2018 from 5:00pm to 8:30pm except for Wednesday, July 4th to allow for everyone to celebrate Independence Day.

When can I arrive to set up my booth?

The streets are closed at 3:30pm for vendor set-up.  Do not enter the Market area until the streets are closed to thru traffic. All vendor vehicles must be removed by 4:45pm.

Where can I enter the market to set up my booth?

Approved Vendors are sent a Booth Assignment Letter with details on how to enter the Market. How you enter the Market depends on your booth space assignment - please let us know if you need this information re-sent to you by emailing us at Market@sonic.net and be sure to let us know the name used on your application as the Vendor. 

When can I tear down my booth?

Vendor vehicles are allowed back into the market for breakdown at 8:35pm.

Is there free or reduced parking for vendors?

Unfortunately, no. All parking fees are the responsibility of each vendor and/or guest of the Market. The City of Santa Rosa website has maps and information for parking garages as well as a new parking passport app for smart phones that can make paying for a quicker process for parking. Please be aware that parking meters in Downtown Santa Rosa are now operational until 8PM. 

How do I submit my application?

Completed applications with a $25 non-refundable application fee must be mailed to PO Box 15140, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.  Applications submitted without the application fee will be returned.

Can I submit an application after the deadline stated on the application?

Yes, applications can be mailed to PO Box 15140, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 throughout the season up until the the 2nd to last Market Night. If your application is approved it will be placed on the waiting list and you will be contacted when a space becomes available and you are next on the list. Due to the large volume of applications received we will only contact those that are approved when a space is available. 

Does the market supply any power to vendors?

No, all vendors are responsible for supplying their own power/energy needs.

Can I bring my dog or pet to the Market?

Due to California Stae Health Code and a City of Santa Rosa ordinance no live animals except for service dogs are allowed or to be kept at the Market within 20 feet of any area where food is stored or held for sale as well as on the preperty of the Old Courthouse Square. This does not apply to Guide Dogs, Signal Dogs, or Service Dogs when used in the  manner specified in 54.1 of the Civil Code. 

How do I obtain a California’s sellers permit?

Please visit this website for details.

How do I obtain a Santa Rosa business license?

Please visit this website for details.

How do I obtain a Temporary Food Facility Permit?

Please visit this website for details.

How do I obtain a propane use permit?

Please visit this website for details.